12 Easy Ways to Increase Sustainability

Many of these habits bring more joy to my life than the convenience that they may take away. That said, taking care of the environment is worth effort and dedication, because it’s our home and the home for future generations. Sustainability can seem overwhelming and impossible to do perfectly, but I hope you can see by this post that every little bit counts and that it can be a journey of education and gradual progress. 

How Pregnancy Changed My Perspective of Food

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that recently I have been enjoying baking sweet treats and cooking delicious vegetarian food. It’s not that I just decided to start taking pictures now for the first time. It’s that this is the first time in my adult life that I am not afraid of… Continue reading How Pregnancy Changed My Perspective of Food

Goals for 2020- An Attitude Adjustment

Hello 2020! It has taken me awhile to pull together what I want to say to kick off the new year, but I finally made it.  One year used to seem like such a long time. To wait a year for something would mean to wait forever. I’ve always been told that time goes by… Continue reading Goals for 2020- An Attitude Adjustment

Operation Period: Complete

I have been waiting for years to write this blog post: - 2.5 years ago- I was confused. I didn't understand why I wasn't getting my period. My brain fog was so thick that I didn't realize my sadness and exhaustion had anything to do with my hormones or low body weight. My doctor at… Continue reading Operation Period: Complete

Being Healthy- It’s Not Just That Cz

When I first started this blog, the only thoughts that consumed my mind (outside of my mathematics studies of course) revolved around calories. How many calories should I consume to be small? What foods are "safe" to eat? How many calories can I burn by lifting weights?... You get the point. Sure, I wrapped it… Continue reading Being Healthy- It’s Not Just That Cz

A Fresh Perspective- How to Love Your Job

Have you ever been slapped in the face by maturity? What I mean to say is, have you ever felt your perspective on life broaden in an instant? If you would've asked me a couple of months ago if I enjoyed my job, I would've given a smile and said something along the lines of… Continue reading A Fresh Perspective- How to Love Your Job

Operation Period Update- Part 3

The last time I wrote about my self-titled "Operation Period", I was dedicating myself to relaxation. I was coming to terms with exercising less and eating more. Sounds easy right? Well, unfortunately, for someone who used to spend countless hours in the gym, this has been easier said than done. I spent a couple of… Continue reading Operation Period Update- Part 3