Goals for 2020- An Attitude Adjustment

Hello 2020! It has taken me awhile to pull together what I want to say to kick off the new year, but I finally made it. 

One year used to seem like such a long time. To wait a year for something would mean to wait forever. I’ve always been told that time goes by faster when you get older, and that’s definitely true. Can it really be that Noah and I will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary this year?  

However, looking back at it, many aspects of my life evolved in 2019 and made me a more mature version of myself. In 2019:

  • My husband got his first full-time job working within his field of study, and it has been such a blessing.
  • We said goodbye to my beloved first car, Qcarl, but we officially became a two-car family when we purchased (not one) but two great vehicles.
  • After years of struggling, I finally completed Operation Period and got my period back. In partner with this, I learned how to love myself and my body without a fitness identity.
  • Professionally, I supported my first large-scale event at my company.

I don’t say these things to brag. Rather, I say them to encourage myself. I started last year with zero expectations, and a beautiful year came from it.

If you are feeling discouraged about the lack of prospects that 2020 has for you, then stop it. Having a closed mind about the future will not help foster success. Taking life as it comes and going with the punches aren’t inherently negative. When I made goals for the year, I focused on making attitude goals so that my eyes can be opened to more opportunities. For example, these are the “goals” I am aiming to achieve this year:

  1. Read the Bible consistently- I received a “Read the Bible in a Year” book in high school that I never got close to finishing, and this year I would love to give it a solid go. I’m hoping this investment in God’s Word will cause a perspective shift and attitude change that will affect all areas of my life.
  2. Be intentional- Instead of spending time scrolling through social media or watching TV, I want to be intentional about how I spend my time (whether that be gaining new baking skills or engaging with loved ones).
  3. Appreciate balance- Learn not to obsess over being all or nothing about health, hobbies, and life in general. I want to get away from being overly critical about not being perfect.
  4. Work hard at things that scare me- Noah and I have barely put any work into our home since moving in just over 2 years ago. I’m afraid of the labor, the money, and the decisions; however, nothing will ever improve if we don’t start somewhere.

2020 is going to be great; I can feel it in my bones.

Wishing love to all- Gabriela

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