How Not to Be Motivated to Go to the Gym

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle throughout the last few weeks, I have unfortunately added some extra baggage into my life. Quite literally, two bags have rolled under each of my eyes, and as much as I would like to leave them unclaimed, they keep coming around. Getting enough sleep never used…

18 Things I Learned in 2018

2018 was all over the place. Since the first and second halves of my year were so different, it is almost hard to believe they can be classified together. The year started off with me living alone in my brand new house while I waited for Noah to graduate college. I was a bright red-haired…


Put the effort into loving yourself so that your best self flows into your relationships, your traditions, and maybe even your New Year’s resolutions.

A Time for Transparency

Flashback to a little over two months ago. I was sitting on this same couch writing a post of happiness, a post of new beginnings. How strange it is that as I reflect on my own words and think about my past mindset, I am living out what that very blog is aimed to encourage….

Bare and Beautiful

Just know that your beauty is defined by how you live your life and not by what you put on your face. 

Weaknesses are not for the Weak

I believe that growing completely out of self-doubt is an impossible task; however, growing into a person that can accept self-doubt and rise above it is hard but possible.