Feeling Overwhelmed by Motherhood? Give Yourself Grace

All in all, give yourself grace. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed doesn't make you a bad mom. It means you care, and your baby will be thankful someday for all of the thought you put into making sure that they thrive. I've found that motherhood is such a raw, emotional experience. I feel so much more, and I'm more in tune with what it means to live. That can be really stressful, but I can't think of anything much more beautiful in the purest sense. I am a mother. I get to watch life blossom in my son, and I want him to see life blossom in me too.

Tips on How To Write Goals and How Not To Make Meringues

Hellooo 2021. Was 2020 both the shortest and longest year or what? On one hand, it feels like I was just writing out my 2020 goals; however, it feels like a whole lifetime ago that I wasn't a mama. While I know that nothing is revolutionary about the change of a calendar, I actually worked… Continue reading Tips on How To Write Goals and How Not To Make Meringues

Balancing New Parenthood and Marriage

It's December's spirit month! It frosted here on December first, and when I looked out and saw how it glistened, I was reminded of how much I love my December Snow. I think snow will always hold a special place in my heart now. Anyways, Ember is almost 4 months old, and by now I… Continue reading Balancing New Parenthood and Marriage

6 Weeks Postpartum: Back to the Gym?

Ever since I stopped formally working out during pregnancy, I wondered what my relationship with fitness would look like postpartum. Would my passion for fitness disappear? Would I have a healthier relationship with the gym than ever before? Would I freak out about the way my body changed and revert into my restrictive, self deprecating… Continue reading 6 Weeks Postpartum: Back to the Gym?

The Waiting Game: 39 Weeks Pregnant

Let me start off by saying that this baby has taught me to have patience, trust, and an open mind. Like many (if not all) new mothers, I started this pregnancy with little to no expectations. I knew some women got morning sickness while others didn’t. I knew some women truly enjoyed pregnancy while others… Continue reading The Waiting Game: 39 Weeks Pregnant

Operation Period: Complete

I have been waiting for years to write this blog post: - 2.5 years ago- I was confused. I didn't understand why I wasn't getting my period. My brain fog was so thick that I didn't realize my sadness and exhaustion had anything to do with my hormones or low body weight. My doctor at… Continue reading Operation Period: Complete

Being Healthy- It’s Not Just That Cz

When I first started this blog, the only thoughts that consumed my mind (outside of my mathematics studies of course) revolved around calories. How many calories should I consume to be small? What foods are "safe" to eat? How many calories can I burn by lifting weights?... You get the point. Sure, I wrapped it… Continue reading Being Healthy- It’s Not Just That Cz

Operation Period Update- Part 3

The last time I wrote about my self-titled "Operation Period", I was dedicating myself to relaxation. I was coming to terms with exercising less and eating more. Sounds easy right? Well, unfortunately, for someone who used to spend countless hours in the gym, this has been easier said than done. I spent a couple of… Continue reading Operation Period Update- Part 3