12 Easy Ways to Increase Sustainability

Many of these habits bring more joy to my life than the convenience that they may take away. That said, taking care of the environment is worth effort and dedication, because it’s our home and the home for future generations. Sustainability can seem overwhelming and impossible to do perfectly, but I hope you can see by this post that every little bit counts and that it can be a journey of education and gradual progress. 

Starting Seeds Inside Zone 6: 2022 Gardening Kickoff

Welcome to the 2022 Gardening Series Kickoff! Let me be clear before I start, I am not a gardening expert. My experience with droopy aloe plants and wimpy carrots is testament to that; however, growing your own food and surrounding yourself with plants that you care for is incredibly rewarding both mentally and physically. Historically,… Continue reading Starting Seeds Inside Zone 6: 2022 Gardening Kickoff