1/27/19: A Day in the Life

I follow a lot of bloggers and vloggers (all the -oggers), and I commonly see posts talking about “A Day in the Life”. Maybe it’s because we are all nosy and curious at heart, but I think people enjoy learning about what it is like to be someone else. I mean, isn’t that what fuels…

18 Things I Learned in 2018

2018 was all over the place. Since the first and second halves of my year were so different, it is almost hard to believe they can be classified together. The year started off with me living alone in my brand new house while I waited for Noah to graduate college. I was a bright red-haired…

Finding Joy in the Workplace

Working at a company doesn’t mean that you have failed to unleash your creativity or that you are any lesser than those that employ themselves. 

Bare and Beautiful

Just know that your beauty is defined by how you live your life and not by what you put on your face.