Bare and Beautiful

I know I haven’t written in a while, but the last month has gone by in a whirlwind. Now, only one week, one final, and one thesis stand between me and an undergraduate degree. In the midst of all the chaos, I thought, “why not save time and do a social experiment all in one?”, so that is just what I did.

From around the start of sixth grade until the end of my freshman year of college, I didn’t even consider going anywhere without a full face of makeup. The thought of revealing my foundation-less skin terrified me. I was even anxious about what to do at sleepovers when only surrounded by my closest friends. Looking back, it really was exhausting. Occasionally after my freshman year of college, I would go to a few classes or work without foundation, but never did I consider stepping outside without mascara. It’s not that I refused to do so, the possibility that I could be in the world with my natural face didn’t even cross my mind. I never judged those that didn’t wear makeup; I just thought that something about me was different enough that I couldn’t get away without it.

Inspired by an unfortunate cold sore (aka one of the most annoying things in this world) and the desire to keep my brushes clean, I decided to go a full week without applying a single shred of makeup. My sweet husband, who has always told me that I look more beautiful with a fresh face, was ecstatic.  At first, I was scared that everyone would think I was sick or deeply depressed, because that is how I used to judge my own makeup-less appearance; however, no one seemed to notice or care. Rather than feeling timid, I actually felt more and more liberated as the week went on. On top of the confidence that I felt each day, I enjoyed the benefit of not having to spend extra time getting ready in the morning. Also, the option to rub my eyes and face is something that I didn’t know I had missed. No black smears for me!


I couldn’t be more happy that I decided to try this experiment. Does this mean I am anti-makeup now? Absolutely not! In fact, I am wearing my favorite eyeliner as I am typing this blog. What this does mean, however, is that I don’t have to rely on makeup and let it define my beauty anymore. If I am feeling like putting on make up, then I’ll definitely put it on, but I am not going to feel uncomfortable with myself if I choose to go without it. I am beautiful either way, and guess what… so are you!

So, if you happen to be entering a stressful week, whether it be full of finals or just your normal routine, I hope that you are able to find peace. If that means taking a few extra minutes to center yourself when you normally would be putting on makeup, then take those few extra minutes. If that means, putting on your tried and true favorite makeup to feel like a million bucks, then put on that makeup. Just know that your beauty is defined by how you live your life and not by what you put on your face.


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