1/27/19: A Day in the Life

I follow a lot of bloggers and vloggers (all the -oggers), and I commonly see posts talking about “A Day in the Life”. Maybe it’s because we are all nosy and curious at heart, but I think people enjoy learning about what it is like to be someone else. I mean, isn’t that what fuels reality television?  It’s just like people-watching at a mall from your own home. Now, I am no Kardashian or celebrity, but I do have a life, and I think that qualifies me to share what a typical day looks like for me. So without further ado, here is A Day in the Life of Gabriela- Episode 1/2/19.

Sunday 9:00am: Sunday is the only day of the week where I don’t have to set an alarm. I almost feel like a rebel on the night before in knowing that no Harry Potter tune will snap me into my daily routine. As usual, Noah and I spend a little, or more than a little time, talking about how we should get up soon when we both know we intend on doing nothing for the next 30 minutes.

9:30am: My feet hit the floor, and the day has begun. While Noah takes Miss Mary Berry on her morning “poop walk”, I start brewing up a french press of coffee and making my breakfast. I enjoy a nice nuclear hot bowl of oatmeal full of blueberries and chia seeds.

10:30am: Now begins the “what do you want to do today?” and “I don’t know, what do you want to do today?” back and forth conversation. We look at our finances, survey the pantry, and decide that it’s a day for shopping. As if she can tell we are talking about leaving for a few hours, Mary begins squeaking her toys and rearing up for a nice game of tug and fetch.

11:00am: Time to get all squeaky clean.

11:30am: Not surprisingly, we are already hungry, so we whip up a quick lunch and have a life chat. Noah and I don’t get a lot of time before dark during the week in the winter, and it’s nice to be able to sit by the large windows and connect with the sun shining in.

12:30pm: Insert Mary potty break #2 and preparation for departure. This makes it sound like shopping is an important mission, but conquering Kroger on a Sunday is no small feat.

1:00pm: And we’re off. A few errands here and a few errands there. We grab some small decorations for the house, groceries, and a toilet paper. The toilet paper is mission critical.

3:30pm: Time to refresh on the couch, put away all our treasures, eat a snack, and prepare for departure #2: the gym.

5:00pm: There’s not much I love more than going to the gym with my husband and best friend. Even though I am a little tired, I can’t give up an opportunity to whip out a good workout with favorite goon by my side.

6:30pm: FOOD.

7:00pm: Noah and I plop on the couch to eat our dinner whilst watching Parks and Rec.  Some people may think it’s bad that 9 times out of 10 we don’t eat at the kitchen table, but we enjoy taking the time to laugh with each other.

8:0pm: I start writing this very blog. I am cozy on the couch with my laptop, and Noah is tucked away in his office bro-ing out on his computer.

9:00pm: I am sure tonight will end like most others. I’ll take Mary out on her final walk of the night, drink a cup of tea, and ease myself into bed.

No, I don’t have the most exciting life, but I like the life that I have made for myself. I have a husband and dog who love me, and a beautiful house to call home. It’s the many average days that collect together and make being me special. I live in a small Midwest city that lacks skyscrapers and trendy restaurants at every corner, but the wonderful people and my family make it the best place in the world for me to be. Instead of seeing mountains or the ocean out my front window, I see a yard that I work hard on and a mailbox just for me.

Up until now, I have only written posts on life events or specific topics, and I hadn’t really stopped to just share what my life is really like. Today was nothing fancy, but it’s the only January 27th, 2019, and I bet no one else in the world chose to spend it exactly like me. Everyone’s everyday life is unique, and I think that is pretty cool to think about. Even though we all live on this Earth, we experience it differently.

I don’t have a big picture idea to sum up the post and tie it into a bow. I only hope that you have a wonderful week and that you enjoy every boring, stressful, happy, amazing, and routine moment of it.

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