Fuel Your Week: Adventure is Out There

And just like that, we have a full week of 2019 already under our belts. I know that a cosmic shift doesn’t appear with the flip of a calendar page, but it does feel like my life is progressing along with the date. Sometimes there is nothing more inspiring than a clean slate (and a hefty amount of well-calculated New Year’s marketing). Starting off on January 1st, I didn’t have clear goals in mind, so I decided to make a resolution to both find and accomplish goals. In this, one of my decisions was to limit the time I sit staring at a screen and increase the time spent with both myself and my husband.

In true committed New Year’s fashion, Noah and I spontaneously decided to go hiking last Sunday at a nearby state park. Even though it was more than a little muddy, the unusually beautiful weather practically begged us to get up and move. In less than 45 minutes, we swapped out our regular couch scenery for southern Indiana hills and a crisp babbling creek. We spent the afternoon jumping across the trails to find the driest spots, treating ourselves to Chinese food after the trek, and making memories that will last a lifetime (courtesy of Noah’s unfortunate mystery food poisoning and the lack of public restrooms). I felt like I had transported back in time to when we had walked that same trail as juniors in high school with his family: alive, free, and in love.

Monday morning arrived the next day, and my co-workers and I had the typical weekly discussion about everyone’s weekends. In contrast to most Mondays where I respond with “Oh I did nothing much, but it was too short”, I felt like I had something truly exciting to share. I walked into work almost feeling like I had an incredible secret: I had had an adventure on a Sunday, and it was even a work night (truly scandalous I know). This feeling of contentment at work continued on throughout the week, and I find myself still reflecting on it even as I write this blog post the following Friday.

That one day of adventure fueled my entire work week. Amidst the masses of emails and requests, there was one message that kept coming through: I have joy in my life and a partner to experience it with me. Just call me Carl, the old man from Upbecause my current motto is “Adventure is out there”. Not only was I happier throughout the week, but Noah also agreed that he felt more refreshed and connected both in life and in our relationship. To quote myself, “It’s funny how a little spontaneity one day can make your routine better”. Don’t get me wrong, I love routines, but I think breaks in routine increase the capacity of possible contentment and intimacy within standard routines. Noah and I are going to start being more intentional about seeking out something special as often as our schedule allows, which will hopefully be once a week.

Whether it be by yourself, with a gal pal, or with a spouse, trips outside your comfort zone can be some of the most rewarding and passionate moments. You don’t have to spend a week of vacation time or heaps of money to have an adventure. An adventure may take you into nature or a coffee shop a few towns over. Maybe it takes you to a class where you learn a new skill. An adventure could even take place in your own home if you tie on an apron and master that recipe you never would have attempted.

I want to make 2019 a year full of memories, a year full of muddy shoes and happy tears. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or small town, work a full-time job, or work from home. Adventure is out there. Make 2019 your year to find it.


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