Weaning A Toddler: The End of My 21-Month Breastfeeding Journey

If you would have told my freshly postpartum self that I would nurse my son until 3 days before he turned 21 months old, I would never have believed you. My initial goal was to make it to the one year mark when milk is no longer considered a child’s main food source, but even… Continue reading Weaning A Toddler: The End of My 21-Month Breastfeeding Journey

How to Not Waste Sourdough Discard

Working with sourdough is extremely rewarding, but it can easily be somewhat wasteful. In case you aren't familiar with the feeding process, I'll quickly describe it. The word "feed" can sound daunting, but think of it as a refresh. To feed a sourdough starter, you take a portion of the current starter and add new… Continue reading How to Not Waste Sourdough Discard

12 Easy Ways to Increase Sustainability

Many of these habits bring more joy to my life than the convenience that they may take away. That said, taking care of the environment is worth effort and dedication, because it’s our home and the home for future generations. Sustainability can seem overwhelming and impossible to do perfectly, but I hope you can see by this post that every little bit counts and that it can be a journey of education and gradual progress. 

How to Not Have a Microwave

I’m honestly thankful that our microwave started sounding like it was gearing up to explode, because it made me try something I had never even considered beforehand. The amount of processed food, especially frozen processed food, that we eat has not only decreased, but we enjoy the products that we do have more because of how and how often we prepare them.

Easy Sourdough Loaf and Routine

I can’t believe this is my first post dedicated to sourdough, as it is a big part of my weekly routine. Let me preface this post by saying I am by no means a sourdough expert. Everything that I know about sourdough has been from quick, online searches and learning what works for me. I’ve… Continue reading Easy Sourdough Loaf and Routine

Cooking for Seasonal Allergies

What a weird week it’s been for my family. Between my husband being personally victimized by seasonal allergies and my son deciding to both skip naps and rapidly develop into a full-blown toddler right before my eyes, I have been running around trying to hold my household together. I can’t rid allergies with a magic… Continue reading Cooking for Seasonal Allergies