Our High School Sweetheart Love Story Part 2

This post is once again dedicated to my wonderful husband, but this time it’s in honor of our 7-year wedding anniversary.  In case you missed the first portion of our love story, I’ll link it here. Otherwise, let’s dive back in. It was the summer after high school graduation, and we were enjoying the bliss… Continue reading Our High School Sweetheart Love Story Part 2

Valentine’s Day Couples Q&A

With it being the season of love, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my own relationship. I’ve said this before, but I truly think I have the best husband and marriage that I could’ve ever imagined. Because I am only one half of our story, I thought it would be fun to include… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Couples Q&A

How I’m Processing COVID-19

This first section was actually written after the rest of the post. Noah and I woke up early yesterday morning to have some productive self-time and to start shifting our routine for when the baby comes. I knew I wanted to write, but I had no direction or topic in mind. Fully equipped with a… Continue reading How I’m Processing COVID-19

How to Have a Peaceful Relationship: Quarantine Edition

I've always said that I could be with my husband Noah 24/7 and be happy.  Thanks to COVID-19, I've pretty much had the opportunity to put this notion to the test. Due to the nature of my husband's job, my extended stay at home started before his. Those 8-5 hours dragged by with just me,… Continue reading How to Have a Peaceful Relationship: Quarantine Edition

It’s Time to Love Each Other

I was watching a cooking documentary the other day of an Indian woman who owns a restaurant in the UK. Normally, I would think about how different her life is from mine and how her perspective on life must be so rich compared to my mid-western, young self. This time was different. Even though our… Continue reading It’s Time to Love Each Other

Coming Soon: The Greatest Gift

Growing up, I wasn’t the girl that fantasized about being a mother. Baby dolls weren’t really my thing, and I didn’t grow up in a family with a lot of children. If I’m not mistaken, my now husband told me in the first year of our relationship (junior year of high school) that he wanted… Continue reading Coming Soon: The Greatest Gift