How to Not Waste Sourdough Discard

Working with sourdough is extremely rewarding, but it can easily be somewhat wasteful. In case you aren’t familiar with the feeding process, I’ll quickly describe it. The word “feed” can sound daunting, but think of it as a refresh. To feed a sourdough starter, you take a portion of the current starter and add new…

Maple Pecan Biscotti

I’ve posted a lot of recipe reviews and recommendations on this blog, but I have never posted a recipe that is unique to me. That is, until today! I present to you, Maple Pecan Biscotti. I made this biscotti recipe for my family’s first small Easter celebration last weekend, and they requested it again for…

How to Not Have a Microwave

I’m honestly thankful that our microwave started sounding like it was gearing up to explode, because it made me try something I had never even considered beforehand. The amount of processed food, especially frozen processed food, that we eat has not only decreased, but we enjoy the products that we do have more because of how and how often we prepare them.

Best Egg Substitute in Muffins

Whether you are vegan and need an egg alternative or simply realized that you have no eggs but a hankering for muffins, this is the post for you. 

Which Vegan Butter is Best: Baked and Melted

After writing my last blog post on dairy-free alternatives, I got inspired to do more product tests and reviews. To start off this experimental series, I put four of the major plant-based butters through both a sweet and savory test: Earth Balance, Miyoko’s Creamery, Country Crock, and Flora. For the first round, I baked four…