A Perfect Storm

For young adults, August brings forth a world of new beginnings. Whether it be heading to college for the first time, moving into a new home, or simply starting a new school year, things are changing. As I watch hoards of excited freshman begin to fill my campus, I can’t help but reflect upon my college experience thus far and contemplate where I stand as a person. I may only have one semester left, but I feel so unprepared: I feel like I am getting ready to leave without attending the main event. For a little while now I have been searching for the words to convey my confusion, my anger, my fear, and even sometimes my hope about what is to come in the near future. Just now, I have finally discovered them, and they were hiding in a final project folder from last year. It feels odd looking back at my own thoughts and finding peace from them, but it’s what I needed today. Maybe this little poem may even help you too. I will let it speak for itself, my own little poem, A Perfect Storm.

A Perfect Storm: by Gabriela Czereszko

A bundle of nerves,

energy bound together, bursting at the seams.

Never still

Never resting, stirring constantly.


A surge begins to rise.

The nerves unwind, preparing to break free.

They work.

They dream, but never actually leave.


Sympathy, reason,

Anxiety, and fear, feed their power,

push them forward,

draw them near.


A perfect storm,

forever brewing, never breaking.

Rain drizzles.

Thunder rumbles, lightning never strikes.



a spark, whirling in the wind.

Strength awakens.

Light flashes.






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