The Chance

I could write a post on the craziness of the semester, and I could post about how great my workouts have been recently; however, today I just want to tell a story. It’s not real, but I’d like to think it could be one day. In the midst of all the negativity in the world, it’s easy to lose focus on what is really important. To me that means fostering relationships, listening to others, and caring about the world that I live in. Take a second today to be thankful for what you have. Take advantage of opportunities, and maybe even try to create opportunities for other people. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what has happened to you in the past. ¬†All that matters is that you woke up a human being, a fellow soul. Take a breath, and take a chance.

The Chance: By Gabriela Czereszko

You are lying in bed.

You are struggling to get comfortable.

You worry about the job interview that could kick start your career.

You worry about finding something to eat.

You look at yourself in the mirror.

You don’t have a slight grasp of how worn your face has become.

You see someone who is tired.

You feel tired.

You wonder if anyone has any idea what it is like to be under such pressure.

You wonder if anyone out there cares.

You walk out of your apartment.

You look out upon the roadside.

The crisp morning air refreshes your sluggish eyes.

The breeze steals your breath.

In a city of people, you feel all alone.

In a city of dreams, you feel forgotten.

You see a homeless man.

You see a man who has it all figured out.

What you wouldn’t give to just sit and forget.

What you wouldn’t give to just have all he calls his.

You just need that new job.

You just need a job.

If only you could be happy.

If only you could be happy.

You wonder if you should stop to let a bill drop in the bucket.

You wonder if he cares.

Just ten more minutes until that presentation

Just five dollars away from the shirt that has a collar.

You take a chance.

You see a chance.

You know it isn’t much.

You have never been given so much.

You see hope and tears fill up his eyes.

You feel hope and tears fill up your eyes.

You would listen to his story.

You would offer him your thanks.

If you only had the time.

Now it’s time to show them what you’ve got.

Now it’s time to bring back what you’ve lost.

This interview could change your life.

This interview could change your life.

You don’t believe your eyes.

You can’t believe your eyes.

The man you gave that money to is sitting to your right,

The man who stopped is now sitting at your side.

A new white shirt is tucked inside his baggy, worn down pants

A sense of fear is present in his constant shaking hands.

You wish him good luck.

You wish him good luck.

You got your second chance at life.

You actually got the job.

The man will never know what you told the boss that day.

The man will never know how much he really gave.

You found love.

You felt love.

Maybe there is more than things money can buy.

Maybe there is hope if you really try.

This is living.

This is life.





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