Looking at Life with a Rear-View Mirror: Appreciating Life’s Path

Honestly, I am foolish for thinking that opportunities don’t open up for me, because life seems to keep proving me wrong. It seems that with every new blog post, no matter how far or few between, there is something new brewing on the horizon for me. The unfortunate thing is, I don’t appreciate the ebb and flow of my life until I reflect while physically typing up a blog. In the morning, my tired eyes are focused on the day to come; In the afternoon, I’m striving to live in the moment; In the evening, I’m processing my day and forecasting what the next sunrise will bring. I don’t normally dedicate time in my routine to focusing on the greater picture. I find myself looking at the daily or weekly forecast and never examining the subtle changes that tie together spring, summer, winter, and fall.

When I look at how my life has developed in the past few years, I am amazed at how the twists and turns actually line up and make sense. Back in December, when I was getting rejection after rejection, I felt defeated. Now I realize that those battles were not my fights to win. Each blow made me stronger and helped set me up for the perfect stage to shine. When the right opportunity came along, there was no battle to be fought; all the details fell into place. I took one look at the job description presented before me, and I knew that I was meant to take it.

So what am I doing exactly? I am happy to be working as a Customer Event Coordinator at Cummins in my hometown. Just a few months ago, I wouldn’t have believed someone if they told me I would be working in the hospitality field in the near future. That being said, I love it. Even though there is no mention of mathematics in the job description, I find myself using my mathematical background to formulate the best way to attack problems and think through my tasks. I am bombarded with new information each day, and I am learning about a career field  I never knew existed. When my life seemed to be veering off into useless directions, I had no idea that a beautiful journey was being paved, the only road that could’ve led to where I am now.

Without my struggle with body-image, I wouldn’t have become a certified personal trainer. Without my anxiety, I wouldn’t have pushed myself hard enough to strive for a management role in college. Without my shift leader position job at Noodles and Company, I wouldn’t have gotten the job at Starbucks. Without my experience at Starbucks, I wouldn’t have been prepared for my job in hospitality.


 Who knows where this adventure will take me.

The point is, don’t project your current trials into your future. Embrace each day as it comes, and don’t assume that your life will always resemble the current moment. The idea of delving into the past for inspiration has a negative connotation,  but that doesn’t mean that it’s inherently detrimental to growth. It is possible to look at where you have come without getting hung up in the past. In fact, I believe it can be the catalyst needed to appreciate the present and spring forward. So take the time to reflect, look at your life with a rear-view mirror, and appreciate the intricacies of life’s path.


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