From My Journey to Our Journey

Wow. This summer is going by more quickly than I could’ve imagined. It is crazy to think that in less than six months I will be wearing that iconic gap and gown and walking across the stage into full-blown adulthood. As that graduation date continues to draw nearer, the shear amount of questions I get about my future plans continues to swell. It doesn’t help that I chose a degree with no set career path, but that is another issue. Anyways, at this point in my life, I have to grasp on to the things I love the most and see where they take me. Hence, today I am going to talk about two of my favorite things, lifting and my husband. While these two things may not seem directly related, I assure you that in this moment, they are thoroughly intertwined.

About one month ago, something incredible, something astounding, and something amazing happened. Noah became a weightlifting lover. I don’t just mean he started to go to the gym with me. I mean he is on fire for lifting and has become my greatest inspiration. When I ask him what he wants to do in the morning, he responds everyday with going to the gym and doing his best to push me towards my goals. There is nothing much sweeter than watching pure joy surge through his body after a pre-workout caffeine kick and a heavy workout. He gets excited (REALLY excited), and that makes me excited too. I thought that I enjoyed going to the gym by myself, but it does not even begin to compare to going to the gym with the person I love the most by my side.

Not only has going to the gym almost become going on a date at the same time, but my progress has been heightened as well. I have upped the weight on almost all of my favorite major lifts, and he has helped me incorporate exercises that I wouldn’t have done before. That being said, my progress falls in comparison to how much Noah has grown in the last month. Both his confidence and his body seem to improve with each new day; I could not be a more proud wife.


My point in telling you all this is to urge anyone on a fitness journey to find someone that motivates you. It doesn’t have to be a significant other; it could be a best friend, a trainer, or maybe a sibling. Believing in yourself is a beautiful thing, but its effects are amplified when you have a person building you up and providing your positive thoughts with even more fuel. Reaching your goals is easier when you have a boost, and it doesn’t make your progress any less yours.

Instead of feeling the weight of the stress of preparing for a new chapter in my life, I am choosing to feel the weight of the barbell rising. I am choosing to live in the moment and define my future not with “what ifs” but with what I accomplish each day. I am choosing to share my journey with my husband and with all of you.


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Leigh Lim
6 years ago

The buddy system truly works! 😀

Keep it up!

6 years ago

Having a partner who is just as excited to reach this goal with you is awesome. Best of luck to you guys!