Too Young to be in the Corporate World?

I’ve been thinking.. at what point do you become a professional rather than a “young professional”? Sometimes, I feel like having blonde hair and a baby-face is a curse in the corporate world. I wonder if people think “what is that little girl doing here”? If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was an intern, I would have more than a couple of dollars.

If that is you, well I get it. What keeps me going is the thought that if I don’t believe I’m supposed to be there, then who will? The more I act confident, the more I feel confident. Youth and energy don’t have to be sacrificed in the business world. Use it to your advantage. 

Fresh perspectives and the willingness to try new processes can be desirable for supervisors and companies. Maybe having an unassuming appearance will give you the opportunity to wow someone with your hard work. From my experience in Hospitality, I am thankful to have the energy to sometimes run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Youth in business is opportunity and not a hindrance. Working in fear would be justifying what you are scared people are thinking of you. Put in the time. Put in the effort, and then enjoy every ounce of free-time you have. Life is too short to wish it away for the sake of a job, and it is also too short to make your job your life. 

You know I’ve thought about something a lot if I written a poem about it, and I think it sums this post up well.


Being 23 is weird.
I don’t know what’s hip,
but I still want to dream.
I want to explore,
yet be in bed by ten.
I’m professional,
but am I trusted?

Being 23 is weird.
I have responsibilities,
but I still want to live free.
I’m educated,
yet there’s much I don’t know.
I’m working,
but am I thriving?

I need time to stand still,
because I’m already 23.


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