The Beginning

For my first post, I wanted to show myself doing what I love the most: exercising. To me, fitness doesn’t just benefit my body; it also benefits my soul. When I lift weights, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and strength. If I’m happy, I go to the gym. If I’m sad, I go to the gym. If I’m angry, I go to the gym. It is both my reward and my medicine. That being said, not everyone associates working out with positive energy. Working out does not inherently mean going to the gym and lifting weights. That is just my favorite version of it. Every person has a unique body and outlook on life. Hence, the essence of exercise manifests itself differently in everyone. There is no single best way to work out. The key to enjoying exercise is finding what version of it brings you the most joy. For example, I am not huge fan of running, and I am amazed by people who can run marathons and maintain high levels of endurance. One of my goals in documenting my journey is to hopefully help others discover happiness in exercise and offer advice based on both my triumphs and failures. image000000

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