Protein, Chocolate, and Beans?

As consumers, we are bombarded day in and day out with flashy advertisements enticing us to buy various products. Companies spend unimaginable amounts of time and money piecing together the perfect pitch, and they are in general pretty good about getting that home run. This system isn't new, but there does seem to be one… Continue reading Protein, Chocolate, and Beans?

An Appetite with an Asian Food-Shaped Hole

You probably won't find a person who likes a salad more than me, but sometimes a bowl of leafy greens isn't enough to satisfy my taste buds. Sometimes all I want is that glorious white and red cardboard take-out box full of steaming rice, rich sauce almost certainly laden with msg, and a fortune cookie… Continue reading An Appetite with an Asian Food-Shaped Hole

The Hummus Metaphor

Hummus. To those unfamiliar with the unidentifiable creamy substance, it is viewed as an icon of healthy eating. Too often I have overheard people dismiss hummus, assuming it to be gross because of its healthy connotation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those that have taken the chance to vanquish the mysticism surrounding it,… Continue reading The Hummus Metaphor

My Heart is Among the Veggies

Up until I left for college, being a vegetarian was a defining part of my identity. When I was born, my parents decided that they wanted to be vegetarians and raise me in that lifestyle. Growing up, I was repeatedly asked why I was a vegetarian. For example, people wondered if I was an animal… Continue reading My Heart is Among the Veggies